March 12, 2016

Boogie Down Productions "Live Hardcore Worldwide" (HHC, 1991)

"In his opening statement to the New York audience, Kris Parker claims that this is the first ever live rap album. I thought he might be right, but no, there has been another. Remember the '83 film "Wildstyle"? - that soundtrack was a live album too, and a very sought after one too! Despite this error, "Live Hardcore Worldwide" is an excellent collection recorded in venues all over the globe such as New York, London, Paris and Japan (sounds like a 'Chanel' advert huh?). BDP rush through all the hits - "Jack Of Spades," "Criminal Minded," "Ya Know The Rules," "South Bronx," and "Stop The Violence," to name a few, and a great thing about this live production is that the bass is that much more distinctive." That fact is most felt on the live performance of "Bridge Is Over," listen below...

"Along with various members of the BDP posse such as D-Nice, Harmony and Ms Melodie, KRS-One delivers a gleaming show punctuated by intelligent comments in between the jams. Some listeners may be astounded by various claims that Kris drops - like "Jesus was an African," etc - but as he's insisted, these statements are delivered in order to provoke thought, all part of the Human Education Against Lies project. And as well as being intelligent and conscious, KRS-One also sure knows how to work a crowd into a frenzy! Turn the volume up really loud and close your eyes ... feels like you're there doesn't it? Hey, stop pumping your first in the air!" - HHC, 1991. Listen HERE!