March 02, 2016

Hi-Tech & DJ Shok "Mass Vinyl Unofficial EP" (199x)

Let me first say, this is an unofficial EP. I was a fan of Hi-Tech & DJ Shok's production, just wanted to share some of their records on an old blog I had but since it's still live, figured I'd share it here. H-Tech is a NY cat, signed to DJ Shok's Mass Vinyl Recordings in the mid-90s. In '96, I heard "Book of Life," "Weak Minds" and "4 Degrees For The Streets." It was really "4 Degrees For The Streets" that caught my ear because of the cuts, I thought that shit was super dope. I can't say I had great copies of these records, so apologies for that, I tried to get Eclipse to rip them for me but life always got in the way. There were follow-up releases going through '96 into '97, even saw a compilation EP at one point, too, with artists on the label. Ei8 had a joint that was burning up mixtapes in Queens that flipped the "Cheers" sample, that shit was hard to me at the time too. Peace to Mike Nice who might've sent me a better copy of that record at some point. Stretch & Bobbito would play their records, Red Alert & DJ Eclipse too, which is probably hard for younger fans to understand, but we heard underground artists on the radio often back in the day. I probably should have researched this post, but I try to share from memory, for better or worse, lol. You can also find Hi-Tech on a dope record from Creative & some other joints. Peace to DJ Shok.