December 04, 2014

Malcom "Thelonious" Martin "Wunderkid" (Instrumental Album)

Wunderkid is the most recent - AMAZING - instrumental album from Malcolm “Thelonious" Martin. Split between instrumentals & featured vocals, you hear Mac Miller, Smoke Dza, Ab Soul, Curren$y & some really dope vocalists holding it down too. One of the best projects of 2014 that very few people are talking about ... why? Whenever I get overloaded by the available track credits aka all the breadcrumbs I want to dig through to get to the bottom of a dope sounding project, I bring it back to the shout-outs, lol. In Thelonious' case, he sends thanks to "Mom, Dad, my family (all my brothers, sisters, aunts uncles, grandmothers, grand dad, cousins etc.), Professor Fox for being my Jon Brion on this album, Matt Hennessy for the wonderful mixes, Doug McBride for the mastering, Adult Swim, J Dilla & Madlib, Alchemist, Topaz, Saint, Lonner, Matt for letting make beats in his basement in 7th grade, Mr. Ennis, Mr. Frye, Zane, Dallas, Nyann, Nicki all my incredible rap friends, my real life friends, any one that ever helped, anyone that ever doubted, anyone that I’m forgetting, Thank You All." You can learn a lot about a man from how humble he is & how he pays his thanks forward. Plus, it's some more breadcrumbs & a lesson to artists, yes there's often a distinction between "incredible rap friends" and "real life friends," lol. Free advice. Stream it below! Cop it HERE.