December 17, 2014

Brother Arthur "What You Gonna Do" (12", 1994)

Despite being released in 1994, Brother Arthur's "What You Gonna Do" has a bit of an old school flavor to it. It was released as the debut single on Chuck Chillout's C-Ya Entertainment label. A year later you'll also see the production credits for Prince AD & Pyscho Child's "Lyrical Flavor" credited to Chuck Chillout at C-Ya Entertainment. Along with Chuck, Brother Arthur, Big Geno & Big Sham have co-production credits too. "What You Gonna Do" has a nice sample from Heatwave's "Sho'nff Must Be Luv," not to mention the infamous "It's A New Day" break by Skull Snaps, which is what gives it that familiar old school vibe. Gang Starr later sampled "What You Gonna Do" on their record "1/2 & 1/2" with M.O.P.; you can hear Brother Arthur's vocals on the hook, "So whatcha gonna do since ya know now?!" "1/2 and 1/2" was on the Blade Soundtrack and the Full Clip 2CD. Aside from the production, the tracks have strong messages of unity and positivity, dig into the 12" below.