December 09, 2014

Killer Mike "Sunday Morning Massacres" (Mixtape)

In 2008, Killer Mike let loose a series of tracks under the title of "Sunday Morning Massacres" when blogs were generating a lot of buzz for artists. I met Killer Mike in New York at Fat Beats for his "I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II" album in-store that same year. I believe it was just before he started releasing these tracks originally, but from my limited time with him, this was a man with a message, a higher purpose and an agenda to push people to build networks so we could truly support one another. With the evolution in his career and the success he's finally achieving on a level on par with his abilities, I suspect his role in the industry and grassroots politics will only increase with time. Back to the mix, it's about 18 tracks long, several of them being skits and lots of lyrical content and messages, in his signature ferocious style of rapping. You don't wanna miss it.