December 27, 2014

One and One "Phenomenon" (12", 1996)

Released in 1996 through Next Plateau Entertainment, One and One was the Brooklyn-based underground hip-hop duo comprised of Harry Balz aka C. Burch and Doctor Ice from U.T.F.O. aka Sonny Boy - the track is called “Phenomenon.” The song samples Eddie Floyd’s “Check Me Out,” which was also sampled for The Firm's "La Familia." I loved that song, regardless of whether it was the Nature or Cormega version. The production for One and One's "Phenomenon" was handled by Swing Of Things Productions. There were two more 12" releases from them on Next Plateau, but I do not recall them at all, I'll have to give it a listen and see if it jogs my memory later. In the meantime, dig into the full 12" from 1996, and then dig into The Firm, because ... why not? Peace.