December 18, 2014

DMX (The Great) "Unsigned Hype" (The Source, 1/91)

DMX The Great ... "Many Milk MCs took the test of hypeness this month, but DMX The Great could not be matched. His tape had four cuts, all four were boomin' - dead up. No production credits, but somebody has nice beats and knows how to catch a variety of samples that change up the flavor of each cut. DMX's style sounds most like LL, Parish, and K-Solo, but he adds a personal style you might not catch it on paper. "Rappin' rhymin', reachin' climbin' / to the tip-top of hip-hop I'm like Simon / Do what I say do, go where I say go / Stop sweatin' me, lego my eggo." He states his claim as the real author of "Spellbound," not the other MC, who he calls "K-Stole it." Well, I don't know who bit who, but as far as DMX's skills go, the only thing K-Solo got up on him is a record deal." - Unsigned Hype in The Source, January 1991. There are some early DMX demos floating around the net, as well as X's Spellbound joint, but below is the song "Born Loser" from his single deal in '92-93 on Ruffhouse Records. Also... a quick Happy Born Day shout-out to DMX! One of the best to do it!