October 15, 2015

Eternia "It's Called Life" (October 4, 2005)

"International media have labelled her "Canada's dopest female MC;” and with the release of her debut album, Eternia is also a champion of perseverance in Canadian hip-hop. It's Called Life is about all the elements in Eternia's struggle that have made her the strong MC she is today and each song is titled after these elements. Her confident flow spills over onto the clean mid-tempo bumping track "Evidence,” about how she got into the rap game on her own terms. "Hate” gets first prize for the thickest, cockiest, in your-face "F-you!” to the haters, making it a track of the year. Pieces of Eternia's story are woven throughout the album in a way that each one matches the mood of the music. "Control” is a brutally harmonious and brutally honest song about a control-freak ex-boyfriend. Eternia's creativity balances the diary effect of her album's candid content, and keeps it fresh. "Understand,” featuring Freestyle, is about the hectic trails of MCs on the road trying to make it. This same theme is flipped on "Balance,” a smoothed-out track about her love and support from both Canada and the United States. Eternia's talent and intelligence, both developed yet unforced, make this debut a proud statement. Now that she's elbowed her way into the game, she's bound to soak up a lot more serious experiences to refine into real rap music." - Exclaim!