October 10, 2015

GZA "Liquid Swords" (VHS, 1995)

A total of four singles were released for GZA's Liquid Swords. The second single was the title track "Liquid Swords," which was released over one year after "I Gotcha Back," and twenty years ago today on October 10, 1995. GZA later commented, "Usually I take a beat home and write to it for a few days, but it wasn’t like that with this track. I think RZA played the beat for me and I just spit to it right there. The hook was actually a routine from around 1984 that me, RZA, and Ol' Dirty would do: "When the emcees came, to live out the name..." Just like that." - Wax Poetics. To this day, the clock scenes still bug me out. GZA's sword was sharp with "Energy is felt once the cards are dealt / With the impact of roundhouse kicks from black belts / That attack, the mic-fones like cyclones or typhoon / I represent from midnight to high noon / I don't waste ink, n!gga, I think..."