October 19, 2015

Joe Budden "All Love Lost" (Album Stream)

Fans have a love / hate relationship with Joe Budden ... I get it, I know. Building a cult-like fanbase over the years, Joe was one of the first to find dominance at utilizing social media & specifically platforms like BlogTV. Long before the podcast or shows on Complex or Revolt, Joe created a lane through vulnerability and letting his fans see behind the curtain. The narrative today might be that the fans didn't purchase the music once streaming hit or that the industry held him back or that he wasn't considered 'cool' amongst his peers... I don't know exactly, but what I do know, the fans and the industry-alike missed out by not supporting his "All Love Lost" album. Yes, Rage & The Machine was a dope rap project, but "All Love Lost" was masterful from start to finish if you believe that music should be from the heart and create true emotion. Beyond that, his ear for production was at its best and Parks' work behind the boards was top notch! Live instrumentation, layered vocals (from Joe & Emanny) made this truly one of my favorite projects of last year. Stream the full LP via Spotify below... and Props to Rory & Mal on their Podcast with Joe; I'm tuned in weekly.