October 10, 2015

M.O.P. "Warriorz" (October 10, 2000)

"The call to war has long been answered by Hip-Hop's most gallant band of warriors, M.O.P. Lil' Fame and Billy Danzenie began diggin' in the trenches back in 1993 when they asked the classic question "How About Some Hardcore." Shortly thereafter, this Brownsville, Brooklyn regime returned to the field releasing the critically acclaimed albums, "To The Death" (1994), "Firing Squad" (1997) and "First Family 4 Life" (1998) forever leaving their mark on the 20th century. Now in the new millennium M.O.P. is back elevating their authentic hard core rap status while permanently defining their niche in hip-hop as rap's fearless foot soldiers. As the renowned "First Family" of Brooklyn, M.O.P. has taken their aggressive act into the studio once again. Finding a new home in rap powerhouse Loud Records, M.O.P. will release their 4th full-length album entitled, Warriorz early fall 2000. This album is the unabashed, complete manifestation of what M.O.P. is known for - their pounding hard-core rhythms, their flippantly defiant lyrics and their explosive live performances." Cont'd below...

"Teaming up with long time family member, the legendary DJ Premier, M.O.P. spits verbal flames over more than a half a dozen of Premier's hard hitting edgy tracks. No music connoisseur can deny M.O.P.'s passionate delivery over Primo tracks like "Follow Instructions" and "Roll Call" and the pounding beats juxtaposed to the adrenaline racing, urgently executed M.O.P. vocals. With additional production by Pete Rock, Buckwild, DJ Scratch, Laze E Laze, the talented Fizzy Womack (M.O.P. group member Lil' Fame) and DR Period ("How About Some Hardcore") "Warriorz" will definitely serve as a foundation to the group's lyrical fury." - Press Kit. The LP was released 15 years ago today.