October 07, 2015

Omniscence "Amazin" (The Source, October 1995)

"Omniscence ... a phat new lyricist hailing from Bear Creek, North Kakalak (NC). At the ripe age of 22, Omniscence "The Funky One Liner" releases his freshman single "Amazin'." Eight years of rhymin' have finally paid off for Omniscence as he shows and proves his vast awareness and seemingly limitless usage of metaphors and similes over a beat that would make Beavis and Butthead say "this guy rulez!" Amazin' does not require phat jeeps, loud walkmans or big speakers to fully enjoy its array of instrumental organization. The arrangement of drum taps and basslines are enough to make you believe you have a live band in your presence. In an age where originality seems to come a dime a dozen, this man seems to have some change to spare." Peep the audio to the track below...

"Amazin' offers a neweness and freshness the hip-hop world has been patiently anticipating. The essence of his metaphors are captured in phrases like: "I'm gettin' up in skins like Massenguil / that's the deal / not the Guru but I got mass appeal / pass the pill / and I'm a shoot the rock / like constipation put your sh!t on lock..." And in the second verse: "I be freakin' facts from here to Secaucus / bitches stalk us / put us on like British Walkers..." If one were to look into a crystal ball they would definitely see a promising future for Omniscence. The album won't drop for a few months, so the single will have to hold you over. But for now it should be known that Bear Creek / Greensboro, North Carolina has officially been placed on the hip-hop map." - The Source, 10/95