October 22, 2015

Sa-Roc "Gift Of The Magi" (Album Stream)

Sa-Roc, originally from Washington, D.C. (now based in Atlanta), is a spiritual storyteller, and her control on the mic and strength with a pen is truly majestic and impactful, yet her commanding presence isn’t overwhelmed by her ego. While her lyricism can be spitfire at times, she is in full command as she changes up her flows. Sa-Roc fills both the student and teacher roles as a musician, in that her perspectives share wisdom gained from her experiences and her diverse musical influences, while also being a true listener, open to learning and soaking up new life lessons. Sa-Roc’s conscious, reflective and metaphysical lyrics are both complex and approachable. Her music is relatable and inquisitive – not only is Sa-Roc able to seemingly effortlessly engage an audience, she’s also able to get listeners thinking while getting lost in the music and vibin' out. As Sa-Roc says, "For me, the challenge is to keep focused, to keep working, to keep true to myself as a skilled MC." Enjoy Sa-Roc's latest effort Gift of the Maji below and read more at AAHH.