March 02, 2014

Jonwayne "Passing Fancies" (2013)

A rare loosie post, as I was sitting with Jonwayne's "Cassette 2" project via Stones Throw Records earlier today.... the track is called "Passing Fancies" and it is a great display of both his production and rhyming if you're not familiar with his music as of yet. Philip Morris smacked Stones Throw over Jonwayne's first Cassette release, click HERE to see the documentation over the use of the Marlboro logo on that release. Due to that fact, this project is released only on cassette - there are no CDs, MP3s or vinyl releases for Cassette 2. Thankfully, Stones Throw did upload the single for this track, so check it out below and I'm sure you can still find a copy of the cassette for re-sale on Discogs. Cassette 2 is 36 mins of raps and beats featuring Jeramiah Jae, Zeroh, and Quelle Chris. Shout outs to the old guy at the shell station for letting Jonwayne keep his pen so he could write these verses. Mental note: support more of Jonwayne's music on this blog/music journal.