March 06, 2014

Geto Boys "Till Death Do Us Part" (The Source, 5/93)

"...when the album actually starts, the real story is Big Mike. Formerly a member of the Convicts, his lyrical flow is right up there with Scarface's. And from the first taste of Mike on "G.E.T.O.," you realize that he is a welcome replacement after Willie D's departure... Bushwick's little, Black, Chuckie ass is just as bugged as he was on his solo album, Little Big Man ... Later on the album he eats somebody's eyeballs ... that's nasty. On the production tip, you can't say that they seem to have an LA or a New York influence. They always made music like this, with the low end and the gospel-sounding samples over a drum machine on every song. They must have found their niche because the sound hasn't really changed from album to album." Check out "Six Feet Deep," cont'd below...

"Once again Scarface's lyrical antics are some of Till Death's high points. And unless you've been  under a rock for the last five or six years you already know to expect dope shit from that rhyme-writing, gun-toting brother. "Attention motherf#ckers! About face / Salute the one that hit 'em up, quick to get 'em up / ... Quick to not give a f#ck / Never bringin' the false shit / I left the mic for a year and I still ain't lost it." One day on the phone, Face told me that he didn't think I liked his record, "New York don't like gangsta music." Shut up, brother! Your shit is dope." - The Source, 5/93