March 22, 2014

Wu-Tang Clan "Wu Duets: 10 Deadly Combinations" (Mix)

"With a 10-man team led by the grimiest producer in the 5 boroughs, it’s been easy for the Wu-Tang to come up with ill combinations of MCs to create unforgettable rap songs. Even when members of WTC went solo, their albums still sounded like Wu projects, with tons of features and posse cuts ... we thought it would be dope to focus solely on Wu Duets, when two different Wu-Tang Clan MCs go dart for dart on one banging track. Sure, it’s easy to get everyone to hop on a beat and pile on the verses, but finding the bomb combo can sometimes be tricky. Well, not for these dudes. Sharpen your swords, let’s duel." - via UpNorthTrips (Originally released in Oct, 2013).