Friday, April 07, 2017

DJ Killa-Jewel "The Official Misstape Vol.1" (2004)

Now known as a 20-year veteran in the underground hip-hop scene and turntablist community, it was back in 2004 that DJ Killa-Jewel put out her Triple Five Soul sponsored mixtape, 'The Official Misstape.' I was put onto the mix through my artist, Eternia, who like DJ Killa-Jewel represents out of Canada. Eternia blessed a freestyle on the intro and an exclusive joint called 'Spring Fever,' which remains a fan-favorite. The misstape also features tracks by Non Phixion, Defari, D.I.T.C., Gang Starr, Godfather Don, Slum Village, Bumpy Knuckles, Group Home, A Tribe Called Quest, Zion I, No I.D, Lord Finesse and lots more. Killa-Jewel's seamless mix showcased her ear for good music and her skills on the turntables. These days, her credits include a collaboration with DJ Q-Bert on his 'Do It In NYC' Vol.2 DVD, participation in the Canadian DMCs, and various competitions and sets all around the world. Thanks to WaxMonger for the link below, check it out.