Friday, April 07, 2017

DJ Killa-Jewel 'The Official Misstape Vol.1' (2004)

DJ Killa-Jewel the Official Misstape Vol.1 2004 Eternia

Now known as a 20-year veteran in the underground hip-hop scene and turntablist community, it was back in 2004 that DJ Killa-Jewel put out her Triple Five Soul sponsored mixtape, 'The Official Misstape.' I was put onto the mix through my artist, Eternia, who like DJ Killa-Jewel represents out of Canada. Eternia blessed a freestyle on the intro and an exclusive joint called 'Spring Fever,' which remains a fan-favorite. The misstape also features tracks by Non Phixion, Defari, D.I.T.C., Gang Starr, Godfather Don, Slum Village, Bumpy Knuckles, Group Home, A Tribe Called Quest, Zion I, No I.D, Lord Finesse and lots more. Killa-Jewel's seamless mix showcased her ear for good music and her skills on the turntables. These days, her credits include a collaboration with DJ Q-Bert on his 'Do It In NYC' Vol.2 DVD, participation in the Canadian DMCs, and various competitions and sets all around the world. Thanks to WaxMonger for the link below.