Friday, January 03, 2014

Allow Me To (Re)-Introduce Myself


Greetings! Please think of this ‘blog’ like you would a white label vinyl - judge the content by the quality and not by the name, features or artwork. Give stuff you're not familiar with a chance to surprise you, then follow the bread crumbs and see what you discover. If you’re here strictly for the nostalgia, I got you, but despite the name, this site is more about vibes and creating a filter ... or more simply, curating a niche playlist of music and memories. As for me? Well, I guess my own narrative will play out over time via the context to my posts, but as an introduction - my name is Sav; I had my first blog in '05-06 called The Analects, and a couple since you may or may not have known were mine - all very similar to this one. Why am I doing this (again) now? I just feel like it's a nice escape from everything else that I do online and it keeps me on top of new music, as well as offering me opportunities to take a walk down memory lane. We've all got a story to tell, sharing mine just happens to be entangled in a few decades of hip-hop. I'm non-committal about where this will go and for how long, but I am optimistic and look forward to digging into the archives for content. If that sounds fair, I trust we'll connect in the comments section real soon. Much respect!