Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Allow Me To (Re)-Introduce Myself


Greetings! I don't have any of the usual ice breakers, so let's jump right into it: Please think of this ‘blog’ like you would a white label vinyl - judge the content by its quality and not by the name, features, the simplicity of the site's layout, album artwork, etc. Give the content you're (perhaps) not familiar with a chance to surprise you, then follow the bread crumbs and see what you discover (via the labels/tags below each post, or your own Google searches). My hope is that this will be a niche space that provides a vibe and feeling... Whether it's "Mecca &  The Soul Brother" or "Below The Heavens" or ??? ... it's less about old or new... it's that feeling. I don't trust algorithms, I'm from the diggin' in the crates generation... so this will just be my niche playlist of music and memories: past, present and future. Currently, I work as an artist manager and publicist; DJ, and I'm also an alumni of Fat Beats, New York. I've had a few blogs over the years, starting back in '05, all similar to what I envision for this site ... for better or worse. If you'd like to build in the comments, or on social media, hit me up... Thanks for reading. Niche, from '78 til... - DJ Sav One (Update, 2018: I opened an online store with some nostalgia & tributes to the Golden Era - visit it HERE).