September 29, 2014

Deuces Wild: "A Bronx Tale" (Anniversary Mix)

"1993 was a keynote year for the "hip-hop movie." The term, although never officially coined, became a popular when movies such as CB4 and Who's The Man hit the big screen, A Bronx Tale was definitely not one of them. For starters, the movie took place in the the segregated sixties - two decades before hip-hop even took its first breath. There isn't a h movie's score and soundtrack contained no rap music, and remember, this is an era way before the term rapper-turnt-actor became popular. 20 (21) years later its easy to see how hip-hop has adopted A Bronx Tale into the culture. There enough lyric references to go around - vocal samples have been lifted from movies, and a handful of "A Bronx Tale" song/mixtape titles. In the past we've celebrated the important anniversaries of album releases, producer's birthdays, and even movie releases. So without further ado, enjoy this latest mix" - UpNorthTrips (Originally released in 2013), listen below.