September 01, 2014

9th Wonder "Bladey Mae" (Beat Tape)

9th Wonder's "Bladey Mae" beat tape was released in the Fall of 2013, but disappeared from the net soon after. In an attempt to revist the tape, let's look back at what 9th Wonder shared when it was  first released: "This past weekend, I met my grandma, Beulah Mae Jarrett Douthit’s family (my dad’s mother) for the first time. My grandma passed in 1965, so I’ve had no connection to her at all. I listened to the elders talk about her all day. One elder in particular, her oldest niece, who’s 78-years-old, told me that her nickname was ‘Bladey Mae’, because of the blades she carried around in the purse and pockets, to protect her children from a segregated South, one of them being my dad. I was looking for a name for a new beat tape, and that one just came out of nowhere." I've included a YouTube link (not mine) below to listen to the 45-min tape - if it gets taken down, let me know.