Monday, September 22, 2014

Future Joyner "Listen To Me" (Mixtape)

Future Joyner, who later changed his name to Joyner Lucas, released this mixtape back in 2011. I'd been watching his moves from afar since the Film Skool Rejekts released their mixtape, "The Workprint." Production on the mix is handled by The Audible Doctor, Apollo Brown, Cyrus The Great, Frank Dukes, DJ Prince, and others ... I like hearing him on soulful production & boombap, because his flow is so lyrical. However, I do see that his aim is higher than the underground; he clearly feels his pen is on par with the greats & the major labels and CEOs should be paying attention. I'm not mad at him, success comes on its own time though, young brother. He continues to take steps forward & it's dope to see that the FSR mixtape was released as a cassette for this year's cassette store day. I hope people go back and dig into that one, I'll post about it one day soon too. Continue to keep an eye out, he's got the raw talent, it'll eventually all click.