September 14, 2014

The Beatnuts "Do You Believe" (Review, 1997)

If you ask me for my favorite cut from the illustrious career of The Beatnuts - without a pause - I'm gonna say "Do You Believe." It was released as the second single to their sophomore album, "Stone Crazy," in 1997. The Queens duo of Psycho Les & JuJu were also joined by Al' Tariq in their early days, as well as V.I.C. as part of their production team, but without diving into their back story, I do want to focus in on "Do You Believe," which was covered in The Source as a single: "Those intoxicated demos from the Q-borough are back with what devoted fans expected - some tight shit. This time around there's no jingles and one less member. Following last year's promo-only, undeniably bangin' release "Find That," "Do You Believe" continues to prove that the Ju-Ju and Psycho Les are still diggin' in them crates like bums on a McDonad's trash can." Watch the video below.

"Violent melody? Maybe, depending on how you react to the beautiful strings and sinking bassline. Thought the beat is somewhat less aggressive than most people would expect, that still doesn't stop Ju-Ju and Psycho Les from hittin' you in the head with pipelines like, "Do you believe in God? You do? Tell'em to save you, 'cause me and these n!ggas here we win't tryin to pay you / Regardless of the fact that it's close to home / I gotta finish your life so I can start my own." If "Find That" was the "pay me my money" song, then "Do You Believe" is the "we ain't paying you shit" song. Feeling brave? Just remember, they'll shoot your moms if they have to." (The Source 5/97). Updated.