September 07, 2014

The Audible Doctor "Brownies" (Instrumental Album, 2007)

The Audible Doctor paid tribute to James Brown (and Dilla in many ways) with this original beat tape back in '07 called "Brownies," sampling James Brown records for each track. As the buyer and manager at Fat Beats at the time time, it was sold almost exclusively through the shop and online store, but it quickly gained popularity as customers from Fat Beats came from all around the world to support independent hip-hop. With added notoriety as the BBAS continued to promote and pick up steam, the project eventually sold out and went out of print. A label overseas then picked it up for pressing on vinyl and the project had a new life. For the vinyl pressing, the project had a sticker on the front boasting a quote from DJ Premier that said "The Audible Doctor got some good ears...For one, to recognize James Brown is such a ILL RESPECT to give to our Godfather of SOUL...and Number Two, to flip his samples like that into some new shit ... like Milk D said, "WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?" - the co-sign from Premo will forever hold its weight in gold at home and abroad. Beyond that, we had Large Pro at Fat Beats for an in-store and he was handed a copy of "Brownies," he went on radio soon after with Peter Rosenberg and gave the project a shout-out. Large Pro then executive produced an instrumental album that AMD released called "Doctorin" in 2012. Years later, I continue to listen to and support this instrumental album, thinking you will too.