September 24, 2014

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien in Spin Magazine (9/91)

"I use tuh dream that late one night some kinda bomb would drop on Cali N' they'd wake up Afrocentrik! Well, Ice Cube's cousin, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, is frum Cali, and I jus' checked out hiz new disc. On tha cut "Mistadobalina" Del dropz jewlz sayin' it ain't tha clothes ya wear that'z getz ya over, but nowadayz it'z about buildin' a fountain of knowledge. Now I ask y'all, does this sound like West Coast? No! Del's a member of Cube's Lench Mob but he'z also got hiz own squad called the Hieroglyphics, and they kick tha funk while droppin' some abstract ideas!" Cont'd below...

"On "Sunny Meadows" Del sez: "In the region of the forest where tha marsh hair dwells / I sit and write scriptures by the old wishing well / Collect all my notes and sail a boat back to Berkeley / Tribes feel my vibes cause my style is kinda earthly / Some say it's wack but I ain't tryin' tuh hear it / As long as what I do contains my soul n' my spirit." This sure az hell ain't N.W.A.! Listen and you'll know it'z frum a kid who'z only 18 but loves some early funk muzik. I don't know how many more times artists can use Parliament stuff and still come off soundin' dope, but I loved Del's blends of George Clinton on "What's a Booty?" Forget P-Funk, this iz D-Funk! Somethin' tellz me that tha dayz of Del haz just begun." - Spin Magazine, September 1991 ("I Wish My Brother George Was Here.")