September 10, 2014

Rubberoom "Street Theme" (12", 1997)

We discussed Rubberoom here to cover some background information on the group, as well as their "Architechnology" album in 1999. I've been meaning to further discuss "Gothic Architecture" from '95 in more detail, but let's first take a trip back to 1997 for this solid 12" release of "Street Theme" and "White Hot Razors." Like "Architechnology," this was released on Indus Recordings, however neither track from the 12" appears on the album. The Chicago crew's signature sound is easily felt; hard drums, deep distorted bass, dope cuts and plenty of vocal strength on the tracks. Noticeably, S.P.O. is not featured, nor is Wititude AKA Fill Spector, and it'd later be announced that they'd gone separate ways from the group. It's also worth noting that "Bird Cage Management" was actually J. Bird, now known from Rhymesayers Entertainment. Explained in more detail by Kevin Beacham of RSE, "Around the same time of the “Street Theme” single, I had come across the Rhymesayers sound in the Twin Cities. That discovery would eventually lead to me connecting them with J-Bird in an effort to build opportunities for both crews by swapping shows in their respective cities of Chicago and Minneapolis. The next logical step was a national tour with Atmosphere and Rubberoom, tour Managed by J-Bird. It was on the tour that Rubberoom finally decided to disband and ended chapter one in their legacy. Meanwhile, Atmosphere still needed a manager and secured J-Bird for the position and only a few years later they would bring me on to the Rhymesayers team as well, but that my friends in a whole other story…" Well said, KB. Now, let's get into this "Street Theme" 12" below, and we'll dig back into some promo from "Gothic Architecture" on another day soon.