July 05, 2018

RZA as Bobby Digital In Stereo (Press Kit, 1998)

RZA is usually associated with his work on all the platinum-selling Wu-Tang albums and his production efforts on albums by Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, GZA, Ghostface Killah, Gravediggaz, Bjork and the "Bulworth" soundtrack. But his creative sensibility extends far beyond music. RZA's Bobby Digital concept combines all of his artistic talents. The character of Bobby Digital is entirely RZA's invention. The film Bobby Digital is also RZA's brainchild -- he is producing, writing, directing and starring in it. To accompany the film, RZA made the soundtrack RZA as Bobby Digital In Stereo, his debut solo release on Gee Street Records. The history of Bobby Digital is explained in the film: While RZA is conducting experiments at a laboratory on Wu Mountain, he stumbles upon a formula for self-transformation. Dipping a blunt into this elixir of "honey," he inhales and begins to hallucinate. When he finally comes to, he is confronted by the consequence of his experiments -- he has created an actual person. Completely independent of RZA, his name is Bobby Digital. Bobby is a self-indulgent creature of the flesh who loves to womanize, party, spend money and wear the latest fashions. An eye patch over one eye conceals a micro-computer that is linked directly to Bobby's brain. The device enables him to have supernatural powers. And Bobby does not hesitate to put them to use. In short, he is a ghetto celebrity, admired and feared for his astounding ability to manipulate the world around him for his own benefit. Joined by Method Man, Masta Killa, Killa Army, Black Knights of the North Star from Cali, RZA breaks new ground by performing as Bobby Digital on the soundtrack. There is no doubt that Bobby Digital will not be the last masterpiece from this dynamic and prolific artist. - Press Kit, 1998. This album was years ahead of its time! Revisit it...

Today is also the RZA's Born Day! Salute that man!