July 24, 2018

Many Fazes "I'm Hip" (The Hip Hoppers, 1990)

"Coming from one of today's most exciting New York labels, "I'm Hip" is to 90's hip-hop what other Big Beat classics like Truth "Open Our Eyes" and Precious' "Definition Of A Track" are to garage and hip-house - the essence. Unlike some of Backroom's previous half-hearted attempts at street-style beats and scratching, "I'm Hip" slams hard from the get-go, with a jazzy keyboard groove backed by nice cuts and killer bass which is Backroom's trademark. Perhaps most important, the hype beat is matched perfectly by the MC's smooth delivery of catchy rhymes on a tireless theme: themselves. With so many rappers concentrating on righteousness these days, it's almost a relief to hear brothers like Many Fazes concentrate on their flow rather than subject matter. Claiming to stomp "young whippersnappers and snap' rappers like breadsticks," Many Fazes rhyme back and forth around all types of beats without missing a stride. For those looking to get deep into the hardcore rhythm, the "Boomin' Beats For The Freaks" mix is an excellent breakdown featuring the instrumental track cut up in a slightly offbeat style for maximum effect... If there is any justice in the world (or New York), this record should be ruling the hip-hop airwaves and club circuit by the time you read this." - The Source (Summer, 1990). // This is a real gem... I wish I had more info on Many Fazes.