Friday, March 24, 2017

Various Artists "Classic Whites" (Volume 1, 2005)

'Classic Whites Vol.1' was released in March of 2005 on vinyl and CD. I remember covering the release at the time, but it wasn't until a few years later that it resurfaced (around '08) and Fat Beats considered stocking it at the store. I requested 2 copies for myself and we may have had one or two more available, the rest were at the warehouse. In my head, I was super confident anyone who saw it on the shelves would jump at the chance to cop it too ... but I was wrong & the main buyer was right for not keeping much in-stock. Was it the artwork? Or, did people overlook how classic some of these records were? Either way, the project covered rare records like: 3 tracks from Kool G Rap: 'Check Da Bitch,' 'Fast Life (VR Remix)', and 'Hey Mister' (I do NOT co-sign his lyrics); Big L's 'Let Me Find Out,' 'Dopefiend' by Noreaga, 'The Wickedest Freestyle' by Biggie, 'Cop Hell' from Mobb Deep and more. Sure, you can find these elsewhere, but on one album (even a bootleg), I think it was a solid release. You can stream the full project below, check it out.