Sunday, February 12, 2017

Elzhi 'ELmatic' Mixtape + 'One Love' Remix

'ELmatic' is one of the best releases of the last decade! No question, Elzhi captured the essence of 'Illmatic,' over-delivered lyrically, and Will Sessions recreated the production masterfully. I'd been waiting for the project for years, which is an ongoing trend with Elzhi. I believe the original idea was spawned by Houseshoes, but it didn't include reworking the production. Am I right on that? Fashawn put out Ode to Illmatic, and maybe Elzhi went back to the drawing board and a greater concept was birthed. Whether that's how that went down or not, I'm not 100%, but either way, there's never a wrong time to throw on 'ELmatic' (free download) and celebrate a masterpiece, celebrating the masterpiece. Elzhi definitely made Nas proud with this one.

So ... after listening to the album 3x, back to back to back in 2011, I sent a text to my artist, Eternia, and said to check out the project - specifically 'One Love,' as there was room at the end of that track for a verse. It was a subtle hint, but she was receptive, and days later, her remix was born. I think her verse at the end complements the storyline and vibe of the track. Check that out, too.