May 30, 2015

Showbiz & A.G. "Goodfellas" (The Source, 7/95)

"Goodfellas marks the return of underground heavyweights Showbiz & A.G. For those who slept the first time, we recommend you pay attention as the Uptown duo slide in right where their debut left off. With their latest, they remain true to the punchline-filled, freestyle flow they have come to be known for. While Showbiz passes the mic to A.G., who controls it through the entire album, he continues to dominate behind the boards, creating a big-band hip-hop sound set off with hard hitting snares, accompanied by screeching trumpets and saxophones. On the mic, A.G. continues to stomp out wack MCs and proves he really is a hip-hop giant." Cont'd below...

"...The first single, "Next Level," is also given extra life with a tight remix that will fit in at any gathering. Throughout, Showbiz keeps the tracks balanced. For every hard-hitting, cock-the-glock, knuckle-up type cut, there is a joint that makes ya wanna get lifted and just lounge. And with no gimmicky hardcore rhymes, A.G. shines with lyrics that are poignant and full of humor." - The Source