November 19, 2014

Animosity "Get Touched" (12", 1997)

Back in 1997, Broken Records put out this 12" by Animosity called "Get Touched." It was only a 1-track single, but it had production from DJ Shok, who had an endless supply of underground gems, and also landed the hit single "Slippin" from DMX after signing a production deal with Ruff Ryders just a year after this 12" was released. It makes me wonder if any underground MCs passed on the beat to "Slippin" and have been kicking themselves ever since, lol. Nevertheless, him and Jaybiz worked on a lot of stuff together, so seeing them as executive producers on Animosity's "Get Touched" should be more than enough to support it. I can't say that the rhymes or flow are extraordinary, but the beat is as hard as you'd expect with plenty of kick to it. Even if you dig it for the instrumental, it's a 12" you can pick up for a few dollars at most. Listen below.