October 08, 2014

Hasan Salaam "Life In Black & White" (Album Stream)

"Hasan Salaam is back with his latest creation, Life In Black & White. This album has been a long time coming. As far back as the Music is My Weapon EP and his journey to West Africa, Hasan Salaam has kept us on edge for this project. After all is said and done, he delivers a gem. From the jump "Grey Area" sets the tone. As my favorite track on the album, Hasan Salaam delivers with flow and lyricism that could make your favorite rapper bow down. As the album progresses, we find that he doesn't stray from his original formula but actually adds to it. He continues to touch on social issues, society as whole, morality, the streets and even sex. You definitely won't get bored with it. There's plenty of wit, sarcasm and sensible punch lines to keep it entertaining. Other notable tracks include: "The Way" where he talks about reaping what you sow, "Jericho" touches on racism and government, "#OGJM" is something for the haters, "Pain Killer" and "Scars Over Scars" also contribute to the cause. "Like Silence" is about relationships and the radio ready "Mile High Club" is a laid back vibe for the ladies. One could easily get lost in this album because there are so many songs. Yet, they are all different. Each telling a tale of Salaam's experiences and views of the world around him and abroad. The appropriately titled Life In Black & White is definitely one for the books." Stream it below.