May 05, 2019

Jodeci ft. Raekwon & Ghostface "Freek’n You Remix" (5/5/96)

The remix to Jodeci's "Freek’n You" with Raekwon & Ghostface is one of a few records that still reminds of when I didn't have the internet, lol. I bought the Jodeci LP, the song isn't on there - then I bought the 12" single, which had Raekwon's verse, but no Ghostface. Ok, technically I borrowed stole that 12" from St. John's University Radio, but that's not the point! Ultimately, I was able to find a bootleg copy, which I am pretty sure was this version - their names weren't credited anywhere on the record, but it was the right version - the "Mr. Dalvin’s Freek Mix." Jodeci would return the favor to Raekwon soon after with his Rainy Dayz Remix, also produced by Mr. Dalvin. In the era of classic hip-hop remixes of R&B records, the Freek'n You Remix might be second only to Method Man's "All I Need." Classic bars include: "What's your name? Lex, last name Diamonds / Icy earrings shining / What's your occupation? Crazy rhyming..." and Ghost never fails to bring his own flavor with "You got the munchies, baby, ice cold milk and Lorna Doones / How you like it baby? I like it on the sink..." Below is a rare live performance of the song on this day in 1996. Video via Zeke62.