December 02, 2017

Pace Won & Mr. Green "The Only Color..." (2008)

Pace Won first got notice with a guest spot on The Fugees’ The Score back in 1996. Dude’s been around for a minute. He served as one of the front men for the group The Outsidaz and if you’re wondering where he’s been or surprised he’s still around, it’s been four years since his last solo release, Telepathy. New Jersey MC and DJ duo Pace Won and Mr. Green’s The Only Color That Matters Is Green gets off to a better start than most hip hop albums for the simple fact that it actually starts with a song. A full-fledged, meaty, five-minute-plus track with Mr. Green laying down some rousing strings as Pace comes in to get it “bangin’ like Billy Bob Thornton.” It sets the tone for the fairly tight package this album delivers. The Only Color… is somewhat of a rare thing these days—a hip hop record you can just enjoy. Put it in the deck, press play, and bob your head. It’s not innovative or socially conscious or even that gangsta, but at only a little over 50 minutes, it’s not bloated with the requisite club tracks, southern-flavored tracks, intros, outros and skits that have you constantly hitting the skip button. Pace seems to have become a sort of journeyman of the underground. The real star of this record may be Mr. Green’s startlingly consistent production. The unheralded producer’s DJ Premier-like sound proves that you can make quality hip hop by taking a sweet sample, looping it, scratching it and letting it bump. With so much filler and garbage out there, these beats and a solid performance from a rather seasoned MC make you wonder, is this game really so hard? As Pace says on “Four Quarters,” the album’s opener, “It’s like fightin’ some dude that got a glass jaw/you hit him in the chin and you win/your old life ends and your new one begins.” - HipHopSite. An underground gem! I'll share my interview with them (again) one day.