December 20, 2017

Murs "A Friend's Blues" (2002)

I revisit this project a lot, although I don't feel it gets mentioned enough, so let's look back at Murs' 2002 EP, Varsity Blues. RapReviews discussed the album years back and I think they nailed the parts of the album that touched me the most when they say "the beats and lyrics are based solely on the principles of blues music. And it makes sense. Murs is known for being a frank, honest and plain-spoken rapper with insights that rival those of his friend Phonte (of Little Brother fame) and skill to articulate that easily in a song. In addition, he is self-admittedly a rapper of a different ilk who is willing to diversify his music and challenge hip-hop's seeming lack of creativity. Hence, combining his knack for story-telling with blues-worthy personal experiences, and dropping it over some despondent, melancholic guitars, Murs sought to tap deeper into his introspective self with "Varsity Blues" and creates something most definitely worth revisiting a while after its original release." Jason De Silva and I both agree that that "Murs' magnum opus for the EP" is "A Friend's Blues," where he says "Justin Martin allows the strings, the triumphant piano line, and understated bass roll to take you away into Murs' tale of losing someone close to you and the trials of perseverance. It's a personal song that leaves a lasting impression, especially when you listen closely to the lyrics that, again, have a passion and deep meaning that truly grabs the listener." Dig into it...

"It's sad it takes a loss to appreciate the gifts 
So celebrate the occasion, just breathing is amazin' 
To see the sun rise and set at a days end 
A chance to fix mistakes that we regret makin' 
Find joy in the simple things, no time for complainin' 
The sun will shine, it can't always be rainin' 
I know it hurts deep, but you must maintain it..."