September 06, 2017

"First Time Felon" (TV Movie, 9/6/97)

Can a young gangster from Chicago's West Side turn his life around? A first time felon doesn't have to be a lifetime criminal. Greg Yance (Omar Epps) has learned all he needs to know about life on the street. As a member of the Vice Lords gang, Greg believes he's got it made until he's arrested and jailed for dealing drugs. Behind bars, one false move could end his life. But a chance to escape certain death arrives when he's offered a way out, serving his time in a rigorous Marine-style boot camp. It's a choice that will change his life. Greg must stand up to intense discipline and heavy handed punishment. But even if he survives the training, can he carry the boot camp lessons into the real world without being drawn back into a life of crime? With a cast that also includes Treach of Naughty By Nature, Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa, Delroy Lindo, William Forsythe, and Charles Dutton among others, this is a powerful film that was originally aired on 9/6/97. I know made-for-TV movies often get slept on, but run this one back one time since now there's a full-link on YouTube to watch.