Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DJ Koco 'Hydra: Underground's Finest'

Hydra: Underground's Finest is an aural history of Queens, NY-based underground hip hop label Hydra Entertainment's 12" output from 1995 through 2005, selected and presented by DJ Koco; one of Tokyo's premier hip hop DJs. Hydra was a powerhouse in its day, holding its own with other mid-1990s independent labels Rawkus, Fondle 'Em, Eastern Conference, Game, Landspeed, Fat Beats, and D.I.T.C. An integral part of the East Coast underground hip hop movement from 1995 through 2005, Hydra is world renowned for sought-after singles by major label-affiliated artists Mobb Deep, Screwball, Cormega, and The Beatnuts, as well as the top tier of a burgeoning independent movement. This is the first CD release for most of these tracks, which were taken from vinyl and skillfully sequenced and mixed by Japan's DJ Koco (Donuts Record). Includes tracks by Mobb Deep, Screwball, The High & Mighty, Slade Savage, Godfather Don, The Beatnuts, Nick Wiz, Powerule, Ghetto Professionals; appearances from Cormega, MC Shan, Prince A.D., and production by Marley Marl, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Godfather Don, Mike Heron, Ayatollah, The Beatnuts, Nick Wiz, V.I.C., and lots more. Props to Hydra co-founders Mike Herron & Jerry Famolari.