September 12, 2017

Craig Mack "The Mack World Sessions" (Album Stream)

Despite being a driving force behind the early success of Bad Boy Records, the working relationship dissolved after Craig Mack's debut album "Project: Funk Da World." Most of you remember the awkward interview where Fab Five Freddy boasts of Craig Mack's role at Bad Boy, and to save face, Puff pretends he's working on the release of his sophomore LP, much to the visible surprise of Craig Mack, whose face called bullshit. After a disappointing album in '97, "Operation: Get Down," Craig Mack bounced around, leaving only white label releases sprinkled over the years. Many of those 12" releases have now found a home on Craig Mack's self-released album, "The Mack World Sessions." Tracks like "Wooden Horse," "Please Listen to My Demo," "Mac Come Thru" and over a dozen other tracks properly sequenced as a cohesive project. To this point, I haven't seen much promo attached to it, but it's available on all streaming platforms, so definitely check it out!