September 18, 2017

Percee P "Perseverance" (Vibe Magazine, Nov. 2007)

"On a handful of acclaimed early '90s guest verses, Percee P spit lines that stretched, narrowed, and quickly folded back upon themselves in a blur of virtuosity. But then, for more than a decade, he languished in a rap obscurity. For this long awaited debut, Stones Throw producer Madlib has supplied him with a sample-centric daze of jittery rhythms and globally inspired noise that defies that expected retro tag. Madlib's sound is the perfect sonic bed Percee, offering enough space for his lung-collapsing lyrics, while also opening a jagged new lane for a veteran formalist. For a change, left-field rap done right." - Vibe, 11/07. Check the video for "Put It On The Line" and props to the homie Percee P; the sticker up above is from one of the countless sessions outside Fat Beats.