September 01, 2017

Real Live "The Turnaround" (The Source, 9/96)

Larry O and K-Def of Real Live are by no means strangers to the rap game. Though you might only know them from their "Real Live Shit" single, they've been together on and off since 1988. In that time Larry O did a stint with BDP while K-Def honed his mixing and production skills under the tutelage of Marley Marl. On their debut LP, The Turnaround, it's obvious that these are two seasoned hip-hop veterans: Larry O rhymes from the perspective of a hardened OG who's seen and done it all, while K-Def provides flawlessly constructed musical arrangements to bolster Larry's tales of ghetto strife. K-Def's production formula works mostly off of big bass bumps, moody string arrangements and expert scratching... Every track on The Turnaround showcases a chemistry as tight as any DJ/rapper team... Unfortunately, the album does fall off a bit on the B side... Overall, The Turnaround is a solid debut. Larry O and K-Def display a wisdom and maturity that is rare in these days of shorty hustlers and pre-pubescent MCs. They have proven themselves to be tried and true hip-hop warriors who should not be slept on. - The Source, 9/96. You can listen to the LP below...

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