October 17, 2016

Cru "Just a Case" (The Source, May 1997)

Now this ain't funny, so don't you dare laugh / Just another case about the wrong path... "Just Another Case" pays homage to old-school storytelling tales like Slick Rick's "Children's Story." Fittingly, the Ruler makes a regal return, adding his genius on the song's final verse. The thumping, soap-opera style, piano laced groove is sure to be a favorite for jeep pumping, and will provide needed exposure to this unusual crew. Cru's album "Da Dirty 30" was a slept-on album that had bangers like "Pronto" and features from Ras Kass, The LOX, Black Rob among others elsewhere on the album. Rumor had it that Yogi, Chadio & the Mighty Ha, as Cru, were set to blow until a less than stellar live show performance derailed their efforts. Any truth to that? Check out the abbreviated video for "Just Another Case" below, and definitely revisit "Da Dirty 30." - The Source.

The full review in The Source is available below...