October 09, 2016

The Notorious B.I.G. in Hip Hop Connection (7/95)

As featured in Hip-Hop Connection back in 1995, The Notorious B.I.G. selects 10 tracks that were influential to his life and career as an artist. His choices may surprise you, let's look closer ... 1st selection is EPMD because of their consistency, self-production and how they modeled their career. KRS because of his rhyming abilities, messages and original flavors to his music, flow and delivery. Salt-N-Pepa for their dedication to the game, creating a lane for future artists to follow behind them and their positive stance. The Dogg Pound for making quality shit from the West Coast. RUN DMC for their incredible live shows and being pioneers in the game. Slick Rick for his storytelling and flipping different voices on a record. Redman for his catchy metaphors; the funk in his records and being someone that inspired him to be a better MC. Marvin Gaye for his beats and lyrics about his personal life in the music. Keith Murray for the way he flips his flows and style, while still being super lyrical. And lastly, Nas for being a street MC and having a lot of depth to his rhymes. - Hip Hop Connection (Ten Tunes That Influence A Life), July 1995. I dunno if these tracks actually inspired his "life," but it's a nice selection of artists. Rest In Peace, The Notorious B.I.G.; never forgotten!