October 02, 2016

90 Proof "Boutique Freaks" (12", 2000)

90 Proof Inner City Prophets 12" Hip Hop Nostalgia

Here’s a nice 12” from 2000, it’s by 90 Proof and was released in Chicago on Guidance Recordings. The B-Side ‘Inner City Prophets’ is the clear winner (to me) on this 12”, although ‘Boutique Freaks’ has grown on me over the years. The familiar ‘Django’ sample on ‘Inner City Prophets’ was used earlier on the ‘You Can’t Stop The Prophet’ Remix by Pete Rock. Naturally, Pete Rock’s drums win over everything, but the 90 Proof version has its own unique appeal with the storyline and mellow flows. The production credit is to T Estes (Tracy Estes from Moab Productions), with writing credits to Andrew Floyd, Steve Scott, and Victor Ramirez. While uncredited, these Chicago artists may have also been involved? Enoch Khepra, Tyrone Reed, Simeon Norfleet, and Aaron Marx. Anyone have more information? Discogs credits Toni Estes with production, she had an album on Priority Records, but I’m not certain what is accurate, so any info is appreciated. Listen to 90 Proof's full 12" below.