October 24, 2016

Onyx "All We Got Iz Us" (The Source, 11/95)

"After an almost three year hiatus, Onyx has finally returned with their sophomore release, All We Got Iz Us. With such a long pause between LPs, many heads in the U.S.G. may be skeptical about their return. But any questions as to whether they could survive in an increasingly competitive market were quickly put to rest by "Live," the album's first single. Onyx still has clout. Their latest effort contains what most expected: anger, gun talk and violence. But in between the frustration and screaming, Onyx manages to discuss why they're mad. It begins with "Last Days," a song dealing with the confusion and corruption of everyday life in the U.S.G. Each member shines over a Beatminerish track that is concrete hard, yet butter smooth. Several other tracks will make the head nod, but "Most Def" will have the entire body moving. The song's ill track - a lethal melody backed with extra hard drums - goes perfectly with the crew's razor sharp lyrics." Cont'd below...

"Although the LP is packed with sure shots, there are a few sure misses...they definitely stand out as weaker representations of the group's efforts. All We Got Iz Us still shines due to the production direction. There are more sinister-smooth cuts as opposed to tracks that make you wanna slam. Lyrically, they're business as usual. Sticky Fingaz plays the lead role with able backing from Fredro and Suave. The trio have diminished the yelling, but maintained the trademark grimy voices. That factor - along with songs that actually have something to say - demonstrates Onyx's maturity and continued ability to separate themselves from the crowd." - The Source, 11/95.