October 06, 2016

Arsonists "As The World Burns" (Vibe, 10/99)

"With airtight lyrics and break-dance-heavy shows, the Arsonists have been fulfilling the cravings of hardcore hip hop-starved backpackers on New York's underground scene for the past three years. But despite their strong street following, the eye-brow raising talent of Arsonists Freestyle, Swel Boogie, Q-Unique, Jise One, and D-stroy has eluded the attention of major record labels. Now signed with super-indie Matador, the Arsonists are poised to blaze trails above the surface. With their potent introduction to the masses, As The World Burns, these mike marauders not only recap their previously released gems - 1996's "The Session," 1997's "Seed," and 1998's "Blaze" - they showcase a handful of just-as-sizzling new songs." Watch "Pyromaniax/Backdraft" cont'd below...

"Tracks like the lighthearted freestyle "Pyromaniax" (which sounds like it was recorded at a circus) and the kinetic "Backdraft" really show the Arsonists at their best, keeping it up-tempo and energetic. Even when they slow the pace on "Flashback," a keyboard-powered stroll down memory lane, the five-man collective are able to spark your interest with vivid descriptions and impassioned stories. As The World Burns is an uncompromised tribute to the Arsonists' subterranean rhyming roots. And hey, even if they aren't heard by the multitudes, the fire that burns in their hearts to rap is one that can never be extinguished." - Vibe Magazine, October 1999 // Save a copy below.