October 04, 2016

Bahamadia "BB Queen" (Press Kit, 2000)

"There is no doubt that Bahamadia loves music - This Philadelphia native has lived and breathe it for years. In fact, many musical scholars credit Bahamadia as being one of the original MCs to put Philly on the hip-hop map in a major way. Initially a DJ, Bahamadia switched trades when female MC's such as Lady B, Sha-Rock (Funky 4 Plus More), and Salt and Pepa entered the rap game. By becoming one of the most sought after artists on the Philly underground scene, Bahamadia earned the respect that allows her to declare in song, "Back in Philly, people say I'm Da Jawn." Her formidable rhyme skills, unceasingly honed since the earliest days of rap, and her progressive musical outlook, make her more than just an incredible MC. Bahamadia is an innovative talent recognized in various musical genres as forerunner of tomorrow's music. In 1996, EMI Records released Bahamadia's critically acclaimed debut album entitled "Kollage" on its Chrysalis label. "Kollage," which Bahamadia described as, "various blends and mixtures of my style of hip-hop encompassing different topics that are important to me." "Kollage" showcased eleven classic songs full of her signature soulful delivery with lush and witty rhymes. This album generated the 1996 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards Nomination for Best New R&B / Rap Artist." - Press Release (2000). The "BB Queen" EP, and more cont'd below...

In 2000, Bahamadia released "BB Queen," her sophomore release through Good Vibe Recordings. It was Bahamadia's first release since her debut album "Kollage" in 1996. With features from DJ Revolution, Planet Asia & Rasco, Chops, Slum Village, and Dwele, the vibe of the project fit nicely with the soft-spoken, but supremely lyrical style of Bahamadia. Although not mentioned nearly as much as Bahamadia's early work alongside Gang Starr's Guru and DJ Premier, it is entirely worthy of a revisit and support here. DJ Revolution kicks it off masterfully cutting MC Lyte vocals, stating "I am the dopest female that you heard thus far," representing from the "Illadelph side."