January 05, 2016

Blahzay Blahzay "Danger II" (Review, 1996)

"Quick, name the two joints that had Brooklyn hard-rocks puffing and posturing with pride over the last few months of '95. Give up? Does the phrase "When the East is in the house" ring any bells? How 'bout, "Your death threater, sender / Head spinner / Rap beginner / Light dimmer / Three knock-out winner?" If the names Blahzay Blahzay and Smoothe Da Hutler, along with his brother Trigga, haven't popped into yo cerebrum as yet, you need to go to the back of the class and stick your face in the wall. Well, to the delight of the fates and lyric-lovers all over, these two acts have joined forces to revisit Blahzay's "Danger." You'll wanna click play below and then continue reading ...

"Blahzay's Outloud opens things up in his strident, straightforward baritone. "Medina animals eat you like purina / Cat chow I never bow still I aim to please / Drain what you got as if I was your main squeeze / Wack MCs ease / The end is here at last / Jet real fast with your tail between your ass." But it's the presence of Smoothe and Trigga that significantly ups the lyrical ante on this joint, particularly Trigga, who delivers a razor sharp piece of vocal ass-whip: "The misdemeanor / dreamer / money schemer / slip the clip in the infrared beamer." More dangerous indeed." All verses go!