Monday, January 11, 2016

Blacktract "Diary Of A Mad M.C." (12", 1995)

Blackstract was two brothers - WIC and Dadidas - from East Flatbush Brooklyn, New York in the mid-90s. Blackstract released three 12" releases between 1994-1996, all on Stikman Entertainment. I first heard of Blackstract through Mister Cee, who was always around in the New York scene and said to keep an ear out for them. Their first 12" is probably the most obscure - "I Stole Your Girl" - released in 1994. The track flips the same sample they'd later use on "Diary of a Mad M.C.," but the first 12" is produced by WIC, the rest of the tracks are produced by New York-known producer, Saran Rap. It also used a familiar vocal sample from Audio Two's "Top Billin;" it's a funny story-telling joint about what happens to your girl if you go to jail, lol. It had "40G's & A 9" on the B-side. In 1995, Blackstract released "Diary Of The Mad M.C." with a new flavor and concept, talking about being an unsigned artist on the come-up, navigating the industry. They were definitely conceptual artists, and while the sound was kinda Gravediggaz-ish, it wasn't on that same horrorcore tip. "A New Nightmare" kicks off with a vocal sample from Biggie, then tells the tale of what nightmares keep then up them up at night. Their third 12" was also produced by Saran Rap with "BKNY" and "Streets." At some point, there was an unofficial Blackstract release - no label - just a CD-R with all the singles from each 12" and a few sold on Discogs, not sure who was behind that, but if there's more in the stash, I'd definitely listen. They got love on college radio and had Mister Cee's cosign, I guess things just didn't pop off enough for them, or who knows, maybe life got in the way. Either way, listen below (ignore that it says 0:00, it plays just fine ... dunno why that happens).