January 18, 2016

Juggaknots in Vibe Magazine, (March, 1997)

"If the Juggaknots weren't MCs, they'd definitely be dope filmmakers. Bronx-born siblings Breezly Brewin' and Buddy Slim surface from the sub-underground to take angst-tale rhymes to impressive heights with their self-titled debut. Buddy's hypnotic blend of jazz and lyric sonics wins big on cuts like the vigilante saga "Loosifa," "Clear Blue Skies," with its musings on race, and "Romper Room," which details the loss of innocence. Each is a cinematic gem that raises the stakes for modern-day griotry. Edit in visually jagged endings like the one on "I'm Gonna Kill U" - "I'll get up closer to her gate / I figured that he wasn't bluffin' / The honey I was with was strictly body-bag stuffin'" - and you'll see the Juggaknots take home the Oscar." - Vibe Magazine, March 1997. A favorite below...

A copy of the article in Vibe, March 1997.