February 12, 2015

Mobb Deep "Shook Ones, Part II" (The Source, 2/95)

"When you hear that Prodigy and Havoc have returned, this time it's not the West Coast kids from the S.O.C., it's them n!ggaz from Mobb Deep, New York, who pulled cards with butter skills and dragged insiders to "Cop Hell" a couple years ago. While most fans never heard the song, the few who did were hooked. Their music was tight as a prom date; they told the truth: "Hell yeah, n!gga, we wanna kill cops!" No surprise tho', the song was conspicuously absent from their first album on Island Records. Now, to prepare you for their second album, on a new record label, "Shook Ones, Part II" is being released. After Prodigy drops: "I'm only nineteen but my mind is older / and when shit gets for real, my warm heart turns colder," Hav takes his back: "For every rhyme I write, it's 25 ta life / yo, it's a must, the gats we trust, are safeguardin' my life." With hardcore lyrics over gritty, blunt-lighting beats, "Shook Ones..." will compel heads to bob as they release the complete package."

"An eerie guitar fills the track's background and sets the mood as its repetitive, trance-inducing rhythm remains continuous as hard-hitting snares never stop hittin'. It's the perfect background for this young duo that loves to talk noise. Out of all the younguns trying to pop that tough guy shit, none of them really have the lyrical roughness of this team. Featherweight n!ggaz take flight! Mobb Deep, the "official Queensbridge murderahs," are coming..." - The Source. Full review below...